TDJB Helps Out at the Monterey Jazz Fest

I put up some photos and figured that I’d write about the experience later. So, here I am recapping the happenings of the 2012 MJF. This was the first year that I really didn’t recruit anyone to help out, since TDJB (the band) was sufficiently fam…

What’s a Musician’s Worth?

Spend a couple hundred dollars and buy an iPod to entertain countless events, as opposed to paying all those musicians each time. These days most people don’t even know how to hire musicians or why they would want to. We live in Santa Cruz, where …

Why Not Play At Bocci’s?

About a week ago, we get a message from Jacob, who comes off as a hyper-resourceful individual; at least, resourceful enough to be known by many. I’ve heard of him, but never met the guy. He asks if we’d be available for a gig that Sunday. From th…

Live at the Rio!!!

The Rio seats over 600 people and has hosted some of the best musicians in the world. So, it was a new ballgame for us as a band. The guys working sound and… Continue reading

The Setlist for the Second Annual Sammy Awards!

Terminal Degree Jazz Band performs THIS FRIDAY at 5:30 pm at the Rio in Santa Cruz. Wes Souza created the musical program for the evening of jazz standards and video game themes.

Terminal Degree at the Rio Theater

Join us at the Rio for some Video Game Jazz on Friday, June 15th. Flyer done by Reggie Shaw: $5 tickets: Facebook Event:

Our Second Official Tea Party

We had one of our best gigs ever. Ben and I on our horns, Wes on guitar, Yu on Bass, and David on drums. The appreciation we received from person after person is… Continue reading

Jamming, Potluck, Birthdays, and Taxes

If you didn’t know, because we had only just found out, Yu and Wes were both born on April 13th. So, that Sunday we showed some guitar and bass love. David, the drummer,… Continue reading

Terminal Degree at Fins Coffee

This was our first event public where we had a full 2 hours for music. We got together and picked a set of songs, and as we rehearsed, each song developed it’s own… Continue reading

Jazz and Friends on Feb 4th!

Our next performance is at Fins Coffee! Bring your friends, listen to jazz, play some jazz, hang out! Amazing flyer design was done by Kathleen. Facebook for the event:

Jammin’ with Wes’s Dad

We played a Christmas party with Wes’s dad. I have no idea where those pictures are. I’m also missing pictures for some of these research symposiums that we played. Oh well…

Busking on the Best Thanksgiving Ever!

From our last endeaver, an awesome family decided to invite the whole band for Thanksgiving dinner. This was the best Thanksgiving I ever had. We played out of the Real Book after dinner,… Continue reading