MJF 2014 – One Year Behind

We are a few days away from MJF 2015, and I forgot that I never posted for 2014. Highlights from last year included Raj and David Goodman shooting the breeze with Herbie Hancock, and Derek getting his airplane signed by Questlove. The best story still might be the time David Fryuaf got to pee next to Clint Eastwood. Here’s to the friends, fun, and food, not to mention memories of the odd jobs and experiences from the Monterey Jazz Fest! Last year was year 8! We are entering our 9th year of being part of our bigger jazz community 😀

Highlight of the year was waiting for Tyrone, the usher, to give the nod and allow us to run to the front of the Arena and start dancing during the Roots performance.

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