Playing for Legendary Game Developers: Music from the Game, Doom (and others)


This past weekend, we played one of our best gigs yet. Right after the Game Developers Conference, accomplished game developers gathered in the Santa Cruz mountains for an invite-only party. We played over an hour of game music during the event. Somehow we managed to create three new arrangements, including, “Waiting for Romero to Play,” from Doom II. We played it as his family watched (and smartphone-recorded us O.o). It turns out the Romero’s have fantastic taste in music, or a very sophisticated spread of tastes in music (which may or may not include rap music, btw).

This was one of the most satisfying gigs we’ve played to date. It’s great to feel valued 🙂

We had:

  • Ben, trumpet
  • Chris, guitar
  • Yu, bass
  • Cory, drums
  • Daniel, cello
  • Sherol, flute/sax

Next time, I gotta remember to mic the cello; especially, if we are outdoors. Here’s our setlist:

  1. Sunny Side of the Street
  2. Zelda
  3. Mario
  4. Portal
  5. Koopa Beach
  6. Zanarkand
  7. Waltz for the Moon
  8. Chrono Trigger, Yearnings
  9. Chrono Trigger, Frog’s Theme
  10. Waiting for Romero to Play, Doom
  11. Mario 2
  12. Coral Riff
  13. Tetris


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