TDJB First Album Recorded: Live at the Rio 2013

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Here’s our SoundCloud, after years of having no recordings! Information about our show is here. One of the best parts of doing this gig is getting such a high quality tech team. We’re definitely learning as we go. In the future, I’ll have my sound needs in order so the techs can setup their soundboard accordingly. Dave and Luke are a killer duo and the Rio is an amazing venue. Thanks Luke, for getting us the recording!

Although, I still cringe at my own mistakes, having a great quality recording makes us sound so good, so this was really special for us. I can’t believe how amazing everyone sounds. It makes me want to hit the practice rooms so I don’t bring everyone else down… haha. What a privilege to play with such talented, creative, and intelligent cats!

Special thanks to the newer additions as well, having Emil on vocals, Chris and Andrew on guitar. We hit a great spread in out set from jazz to hip hop to hard rock to funk. To sum it all up, this show was Terminal Degree putting all our creativity and passion out there, in midst of completing our science/engineering dissertations and research.

Final thanks for all those who support us on and offline. Thanks for cheering us on!

Click here if SoundCloud doesn’t load in the page:

(note: I realize the tracks can be edited down to not include my addled transitions :P)

Future recordings will be posted here: