Video Game Music at the Rio


“Doors will open early at 5:30 for a FREE encore performance of Terminal Degree! We loved them last year.”

The Rio Theatre
1205 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Friday, June 14, 2013

The Rio event is happening again! We have our set list below, with a few more arrangements of local student game compositions.

  • Portal – Still Alive, Featuring Ben, Andrew, Sherol, and Chris
  • Koopa Beach – Inspired by some youtube video, Arrangement found online, Featuring Yves
  • Mario Bros Theme – Featuring Chris and Yu, Arranged by Yu
  • Zelda – Inspired by the OneUps, Arranged by Sherol
  • Tetris – Arranged by Everyone
  • Zanarkand/FF7 – Arranged by Raj and Sherol
  • Coral Riff – By Emily Kingsbury, Arranged by Yu

Select Tunes from Student Games:

  • Impension/Skullcrushers – By Emily Kingsbury and Jacob Pernell, Arranged by Raj, Featuring Andrew and Raj. “In writing Impension, I wanted to convey the suspense of an approaching threat. Whereas some of the other pieces are busier to express the heat of battle, this one is more sparse, rarely even changing chords. I hoped to give it an inexorable, or “impending” quality: the uneasy calm before the storm.” “The Dwarves will crush the skulls of their goblin enemies to defend their castle!” (Seigebreakers)
  • Pixture – by Nico Simonian, Arranged by Yu, Featuring Ben, Raj, and Yves. “Pixture is a picture puzzle game for mobile devices that utilizes innovative wordplay mechanics. It has a quirky character named Q-rio who has ventured to Earth to complete his mission. Assist him by exploring our world and making a new friend along the way.” “The Pixture introduction piece is a summation of my musical interests: West African dance rhythms that don’t resolve until the end of the phrase; non-chord tones in the melody that prolong the tension; and a surprising burst of reverb to remind you that this is not simply an 8-bit tune. Just like Pixture the game, there is more to this song than simple entertainment.” (Pixture)
  • Glitch Light – by Benjamin Murray, Arranged by Everyone, Featuring Everyone! “The Glitch Light District is a subterranean level containing a bustling city with no access to the surface sunlight, therefore perpetuated in continuous night-life. Large Dance parties with human and robot alike left the streets full of scrap. An area dedicated to people of less wealth, looking for their release in the Glitch Light District. People come to this district mainly for the fast-paced, crazy night-life. It features many futuristic style buildings, littered with neon. This piece was used to give the feel of stepping inside a club that still has it’s music pumping loudly, not that anyone danced to it after the robots went rogue.” (Asterogue)



  • Andrew – guitar
  • Ben – trumpet
  • Chris – guitar
  • David – drumz
  • Emil – flow
  • Raj – keys
  • Sherol – tenor, flute, EWI
  • Yu – bass
  • Yves – sax