TDJB Helps Out at the Monterey Jazz Fest

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I put up some photos and figured that I’d write about the experience later. So, here I am recapping the happenings of the 2012 MJF. This was the first year that I really didn’t recruit anyone to help out, since TDJB (the band) was sufficiently familiar and available for the event. The two people I did recruit were Matz, from Stanford, and Andrew, from Oregon, both saxophone players.

  • Sherol
  • Alice
  • Raj
  • Matz
  • Bern
  • Andrew
  • Yu
  • David
  • Ben
  • and the Rodriguez’s

In the mornings, I made breakfast. We tried to leave by 10 am on Saturday and Sunday. Delayed by Matz wanting a haircut one morning and stopping at the fruit stand on another. The highlights were probably:

  • Raj getting to wave to Tony Bennett
  • Andrew getting a photo with Chris Potter
  • David getting to “stand” next to Clint Eastwood in the bathroom
  • And of course, not to forget the great music, people, and driving around in golf carts