Why Not Play At Bocci’s?

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About a week ago, we get a message from Jacob, who comes off as a hyper-resourceful individual; at least, resourceful enough to be known by many. I’ve heard of him, but never met the guy. He asks if we’d be available for a gig that Sunday. From the sound of the other musicians we ran into, he’d been looking around for someone to take this gig for a while, which explains why there was such short notice. We decided to go ahead with it on Saturday. He said we’d be making tips + 20% of the bar. We’d have to bring all our own stuff, but despite being such short notice, he at least offered to help find subs and a keyboard. Lucky for us, Casey was in town, and we were able to get a set of keys for him to play.

Since we’d worked so much on the Rio gig, we had a music set ready to go, and only needed to tailor it slightly for this (far more) casual event. If only we knew more in advance, we could’ve filled the place up.. haha.

Here’s the next one: http://www.facebook.com/events/506393956041739/

August 26, Sunday, 8-11