Live at the Rio!!!

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The Rio seats over 600 people and has hosted some of the best musicians in the world. So, it was a new ballgame for us as a band. The guys working sound and lights were really good at getting us on and off stage. Having done shows for countless famous acts, it was nice that they were quite positive about our performance. If anyone knew where our hiccups were, it would’ve been them.

Wes put together our program, with the help arranging from the rest of the band. Our setlist shrank by 4 songs, most of them, just jazz fillers, and we finished within the minute of when we needed to be done!

I’d say the best part of this gig, similar to last year, was the feedback from the teams that worked on these games. Hearing the approval from the composers of these tunes was quite encouraging. I mean, I don’t do this very much, but I doubt I’ll ever be less-than amazed that people enjoy hearing us play.

The noobest mistake of the night was that I forgot to introduce myself when I named all the members. So, an audience member passed me a note as I was thanking everyone for coming out.