Our Second Official Tea Party

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We had one of our best gigs ever. Ben and I on our horns, Wes on guitar, Yu on Bass, and David on drums. The appreciation we received from person after person is perhaps my favorite aspect of the gig. We had 10+ people ask about how they could contact us for future gigs, and I forgot to bring our business cards!

This was one of the nicest days to be outside in Santa Cruz. The women had on spring dresses and beautiful hats (especially the woman with the Jazz hat :P). We ate mini sandwiches, scones, and had what was the best iced tea ever (in my opinion). Yu won another gift certificate to a restaurant in the raffle, and Ben won $10 to the local art supply store! We left that gig with bags of scones, chicken salad sandwhiches and a lot of new friends.

The quote of the day was when someone inquired about the scone mixes, Wes randomly replies, “Oh, the lavender and vanilla is excellent.” Well, maybe you had to be there, or you can have Ben reenact the conversation… haha. It’s been about a year since we all started playing again, and we’ve grown a great deal since last year’s tea party!