Jamming, Potluck, Birthdays, and Taxes

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If you didn’t know, because we had only just found out, Yu and Wes were both born on April 13th. So, that Sunday we showed some guitar and bass love. David, the drummer, asked about what he should bring to the party:

Fo realz tho, what would be the coolest thing to bring to this potluck?  I need suggestions.  If you don’t give me any good ideas, I’ll just pick the coolest party/snack food I see at Safeway.

The real reason for this post is not to show our celebration, but to publicly display one of Yu’s most precious email responses:

Oh, no, David, cook it, bake it, or burn it down.
You know, the taste hardly matters. The fact that the girl with little
cooking skills has tried her best to treat him with HER cooking makes
the man feel the auspicious appetite for her šŸ™‚

My response:

ahahahahhahaha… what?!

Fortunately, David caught the drift of things:

Lol I second that.  Wat??  I think i get it, u want me to cook something instead of buying something because u will like more?  or somethin like that…

Added bonus to the evening? Well, Derek from Stanford surprises us with a plate of apolo-cakes šŸ™‚