Busking on the Best Thanksgiving Ever!

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From our last endeaver, an awesome family decided to invite the whole band for Thanksgiving dinner. This was the best Thanksgiving I ever had. We played out of the Real Book after dinner, and the host, who was quite modest about his famiarity with Jazz, was really getting into things. Jazz is just so naturally wonderful and good for your soul 😛

Once Lawrence and Ken got here, we drove to Santana Row to start playing. It was the most beautiful night with a clear and starry sky. The lines were long, people cheered, security moved us twice, and we played for like 2.5 hours.

For instruments, we had: flute, sax, piano, bass, cello, violin, drums, and acordian. For songs, we played Jazz standards, Christmas standards, and Classical. I really enjoyed Jensen’s violin playing most of all. Yu played so much that his fingers were bleeding! Is that SUPPOSED to happen?! Yu is the perpetual machine; he is unstoppable. 

I think I’m moving the rest of my Thanksgivings to Friday. Thursday, we need to start early in the day and just make our rounds to all the long lines all in the name of spontaneous music.