HAPPY THANKSGIVING! – Busking for Black Friday

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Daniel, our cello player, went away for a couple weeks over the Summer. I had no idea what the trip was about until he got back and told us that he spent time in Guatemala playing music at orphanages and giving music clinics to children. Coincidentally, I had been trying to find a cause that we, Terminal Degree, could help raise money for. In particular, after my first Black Friday campout a couple years ago, I’ve always wanted to play music for the shoppers. I mean, they aren’t gonna go anywhere; not if they want that netbook or GPS… haha.

People line up for HOURS to get the best deals on Black Friday. This is a chance to share music, to raise awareness of awesome adventure that Daniel and the Santiago Players have created, and to meaningfully connect with the needs of others. While everyone is thinking about how much money they’re about to save, maybe they’ll take some part in our mini adventure.

The plan is Yu – bass player, Matz – sax player, and I are gonna go eat Thanksgiving dinner from an awesome family that decided to adopt us. Lawrence – drummer and Daniel – cellist are gonna meet up with us after their dinners and drive over to the Best Buy on Santana Row. Jensen, violinist and pianist, is going to meet up with us there. Basically, we’ll jam until the stores open as people stand in line waiting.

I had lunch with the founder of the Santiago Players, Chris, and he explained to me that the places they visit always need instruments. He’d like to have an instrument drive to collect unused instruments and then use the money we raise to fix them up so they can take them to the kids, personally, this Summer.

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We’re gonna play Jazz standards, Peanut’s Christmas songs, and video game tunes 😛

I’ve got such a cool group of friends. There’s just so much to be thankful for!

p.s. Thanks Isaiah, for letting us use your bass.