Happy Birthday to Our Trumpet Player!


Consistently, we never go under 3 people showing up to our weekly jam sessions. This past weekend we had, me on sax, Wes on guitar, Yu on bass, Daniel on cello, Raj on piano, and David on drums. Ben was away b/c it’s his birthday!!!


During lunch time, while eating the shrimp fried rice that I made, I was asking our Japanese bass player what the term is for someone who is half Japanese and half caucasian. I said, “isn’t there a word for someone who’s half/half?” Yu and Wes look at me like I’m crazy, as I explain that I think it’s like “hapa.”

I know how to get to the bottom of this. So we called our half Japanese trumpet player on his birthday to find out. This is how the conversation goes.

  • Ben: Hello?
  • Me: Happy Birthday!
  • Everyone else: Happy Birthday!!!
  • Me: Hey, Ben, I have a question for you… What do you call someone who is half Japanese and half white?
  • Ben: I don’t know.. What DO you call someone who is half Japanese and half white?
  • Me: No no no.. This isn’t a joke, I’m being serious. We are trying to figure it out.
  • Ben: Oh… Hapa?
  • Me: See!… I was right!

Happy Birthday, Ben!