Monthly Archive: August, 2011

That’s Not How I Hold Finger Cymbals

After looking at sleigh bells, I’m wondering if we need finger cymbals too. It’s funny having studied percussion, b/c I know the different techniques for playing things like sleigh bells, shakers, tambourines, and… Continue reading

Sleigh Bells Ring, But How Much Do They Cost?

We definitely need sleigh bells. I totally remember them from being a percussionist back in high school and undergrad. Where can we borrow sleigh bells? Well, I decided to look online to see… Continue reading

Black Friday Setlist

What kind of music would you play for people standing in line for Black Friday sales? We already play jazz, and our last gig had a number of video game favorites. I suppose Christmas music is a given for this gig. I just ordered a Vince Gauraldi b…

Would Black Friday Busking Be Legal?

Hi, this is the first post of, hopefully, many. I needed a place to compile information on noise ordinances in San Jose, so we make sure we aren’t breaking laws on this adventure.… Continue reading