Jazz and Food Parties

As people figure out the next chapters of their lives and we meet new friends, we continue to eat and play 🙂

MJF 2014 – One Year Behind

We are a few days away from MJF 2015, and I forgot that I never posted for 2014. Highlights from last year included Raj and David Goodman shooting the breeze with Herbie Hancock,… Continue reading

Grad Symposium 2015

Relay for Life with Stone Librande

Sammy Awards 2015

TDJB’s Third Performance at the Rio! Friday the 13th!

Join us from 5:15-6:45 for the FREE opening performance from Terminal Degree, a local jazz band composed of graduate and PhD students (and PhD’s)! June, 13th. Friday! The songs will likely be: Waltz… Continue reading

Graduate Research Symposium at McHenry Library

It was a beautiful venue, but I need to remember to secure food for ourselves next time. We had a passer-by join on bass for Autumn Leaves. We ended the set with Josh… Continue reading

Graduation Partayyyy!! Congrats Dr. Ben

Happy Birthday to Yu!

It was Yu’s Birthday. We had a BBQ with Dr. Pepper ribs and undercooked potatoes.

Playing for Legendary Game Developers: Music from the Game, Doom (and others)

  This past weekend, we played one of our best gigs yet. Right after the Game Developers Conference, accomplished game developers gathered in the Santa Cruz mountains for an invite-only party. We played… Continue reading

Terminal Degree Music Video!

Just kidding. It’s a slideshow of the technology class I taught in South America last month. I needed music for my video, so I used Yves on Koopa Beach and Yu, David, and Chris on Mario… Continue reading